Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Healers Support Group Wednesday 1/11/17

We will be learning lots about energy and healing. Giving and receiving healing to each other. Sharing our findings and any concerns or issue you may have in relation to energy work.

We will include Meditation, Relaxation, Psychic development and Mediumship, Shamanic journeys and stories etc

We will be coming together to see what we need to move forward and support each other. These meetings are NOT for sharing our troubles, they are not therapy sessions, we will be using this time for learning and growing together.

From 8pm to 10pm Chakra Rhythms, Monea, Enniskillen.


We will be continuing these classes from 5/11/17 till 20/12/17 (inc)


Chakra Dancing Saturday 2 December 2017 1030am – 5pm

Enniskillen Busisness Center Lackaghboy Ind Estate, Tempo Road.

Contact me Angela Burke for more details, costs etc on



The first thing that was created was light!
Once we stood in our light we created our shadow. Most of us are running around looking for our shadow in others, in food, sex, drink, drugs wherever we can get temporary relief. Until that too becomes another shadow and we lose more of our light.

Our shadow is the part of us we think we hide from others!!

We transfer it onto others and we also try to run away from it!!

But no matter where we go it is beside us, behind us, always following us !!

Our true power is not found in conforming to the expectations of others. It is not found outside ourselves or overlooking our human condition.

It is found in the dazzling darkness of the unconscious mind!!

Our hidden parts accumulate a lot of energy and it takes a lot of our life force to keep them hidden

The light we find here is so bright it is truly our spark of spirit.

It is brighter than any light we can ever imagine .

During this weekend we will embrace our shadow, take it out and learn to love ourselves more. Therefore we allow others be as they truly are. Self acceptance allows us accept others as they are on their unique journey. This weekend we will be exploring your shadow in a safe place using music, movement, art and lots of creativity to enable expression and space to bring your shadow into the light whilst embracing your fears and realising how wonderful you truly are!!

During this weekend I will try to help you to discover ways to move from :

resistance to fluidity

fear to freedom

confushion to clarity

numbness to aliveness

darkness to light

sadness to joy

When we truly realise how delicate life is and how much we have in common with each other the walls of separation and competition come down and our uniqueness comes to light.

We learn to embrace life more and enjoy this journey together!! By taking out our shadow we free up space inside our bodies and step into our own bright light and know ourselves more.

Love ourselves more for who we truly are.

In doing so we can learn to accept and love ourselves and others more

Dates and Times


Enniskillen Business Center

Tempo Road,



Application form on web site

Payable via pay pal on web site


please email me with any enquiries or if you need any further details of workshop


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“Evenings of Psychic and Mediumship”

An evening of Mediumship and Psychic messages with Angela Burke, who has over 30 years experience.
Angela will be answering your questions and connecting with your Spirit team and Loved ones in spirit, bringing you proof that life goes on after physical death!
For Venues, Dates and Times, please contact me directly:

ANGELA BURKE : PH – 07968341304


For entertainment purposes only.



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               Individual and Group Sessions


I am available for individual healing sessions.  Private appointments are made via Facebook or email.

The average duration of a session is approximately 60 minutes.

I also offer private sessions on Skype, if that suits you better.

During a session I look at your Spirit path and get guidance for you from Spirit.  Sometimes the session is Mediumship, sometimes it is Healing and sometimes it is a mixture of both. I work as a Channel for Spirit for you. You are free to ask any questions you like about your life or your work. You can even ask about a loved one alive or passed to Spirit.

My aim is to empower all my clients. Your Spirit guides have guided you to me for the time we will have together to help you move forward into your life’s journey more.


I also offer group sessions to groups of 8 or more people.  

I can travel to you or you can come here to me.

Working with a group can be very empowering and also great fun.

If you have a question that has attracted you to visit my Website then why not contact me and ask me, there is no charge in asking and we all seek direction and help from Spirit.


Contact Angela Burke now on:


ChakraRhythmsLogo phoneReiki Teaching

Reiki symbol for cert

 Reiki Healing with Angela Burke
Master Healer and Teacher with over 30yrs
experience in the world of Spirit

Reiki One
Date: T.B.C

Hands on Healing
Heal yourself, Family or Friends
Develop your Healing Gifts
One day Certificate Course

Reiki Two

Date: T.B.C

This is a most powerful practice to use
It is Absent Healing, using Symbols.
The Symbols can be used on their own or used with
Reiki One

Reiki Three The Master Symbol, Reiki Master/Teacher

This is being taught
Do you feel you are ready to be a Reiki Master?

If you are ready, why not contact me be initiated into the highest level of Reiki, The Master energy.
All my courses are certified by the U.K Reiki Federation, the largest federation of Reiki Practitioners

You are then eligible to join the U.K Reiki Federation once you have completed your training with me.
Just give me a call and let me knowif you are interested in any or all of the above levels.

Telephone:     079 68 341 304 (R.O.I 0044)
E-Mail:            chakrarhythms@yahoo.co.uk

ChakraRhythmsLogo phoneIntroduction to Healing:
With Angela Burke
For the next workshop date please contact me directly

Join me and a small group of people who want to learn about our body’s energy system. The Chakra system is your blueprint for life. All our memories are stored in the Aura. Let me share with you some of the wonderful and fascinating information on this subject.

We will be using lots of different techniques to learn on this day. Theory, mediation, exercises, whatever it takes you to get in touch with your inner knowing. your inner healer, your inner self.

As ever we will have lots of fun!!

Booking in advance is  essential please  pay deposit ASAP via pay pal on web site to ensure your place on this wonderful day please also fill out form and email it to me. I will confirm your deposit and place as soon as I receive it. Limited numbers on day.


ANGELA BURKE –   PH: 07968341304 –

eMail chakrarhythms@yahoo.co.uk


ChakraRhythmsLogo phone My Spirit Art Days
Please contact me for the next Workshop date
               What is “My Spirit Art Days” about?  you may well ask.

My work is about empowering you and helping you be the best you can be in this life. I don’t pretend to know it all, no one does!!  We are all here on a Spirit Journey and part of the experience is to learn while we are on this wonderful earth.

Sometimes our lives are painful; we can have Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual challenges or a mixture of them all!!

It seems that the only way we humans learn is through the physical body and experiencing life.

My Art Days start with an introduction of yourself. There are from 4 to 14 people on each workshop. I let the Spirit world decide who should and needs to be here on any given day. We do approximately 50 minutes of Shamanic breath work. Shamanic breath work is a technique to get you more grounded into your body and it helps you focus on why you are there for the days work.

We then go to the Art room; I fully supply all the art materials you will need. I give you the space and freedom you need to express and experience what it is that is blocking you from reaching your full potential.

I sometimes guide you if I feel drawn to help you get past whatever is blocking you at the time. With peoples consent I keep a photo record of the development of your picture from start to finish for your analysis at the end. This record shows what you were releasing and how the final picture shows the wonderful, creative spirit you are. People are amazed with what their subconscious shows them on these days.

We take regular breaks during the day and take an hour for lunch which you bring for yourself; we provide a fully fitted kitchen for everyone to use and chat about their experiences.

Most people get great insights into their lives and life’s purpose from these days and we recommend a peaceful nights rest to let the experience settle within your system.

Have a look under “Art” on the website to see some of the creative work produced by participants at these days.



ANGELA BURKE –   PH: 07968341304 –

eMail chakrarhythms@yahoo.co.uk

ChakraRhythmsLogo phonewww.chakrarhythms.com

Dance Rhythms Day

Please contact me directly for the next workshop dates

When you move your body you move your Spirit. One of the tools your Spirit has to contact/speak to you is through your body.
When the body is not at ease it gets dis-eae. Pain in blocked energy. Learn new tools to understand your Emotional, Physical and Spiritual dimensions. Learn how to move on from old trapped stories.

The body never lies!

Come join me and a group of wonderful people to explore the power of your Chakra Rhythm. We will have lots and lots of fun.

We will be using Dance, Meditation, Energy Exercises and many more tools to help you reach more understanding in your life.

Facillitator:      ANGELA BURKE (C.R, U.K.R.F, I.S.F)

Telephone Number 079 68 341 304 (R.O.I. 0044)
E-Mail chakrarhythms@yahoo.co.uk

ChakraRhythmsLogo phonePast Lives – Spirit Journey

Exploring your past lives

 Please contact me directly for the next workshop date

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to explore your past lives.
Let me take you on a journey to help you discover who you were in a past life. How your past lives may be affecting you in your current life and ways to start to resolve and bring healing to it.
You may also be able to find out who your loved ones in this life were in your past lives. Freeing up your past lives is a way to help you to express your soul more. Allowing yourself feel more freedom.
Have you ever had the feeling that you know someone when you meet them for the first time?  then there is probably a past life connection.
Did you ever feel on a gut level you were here before? Feel as if you belong in another country? time? space? etc., well this is probably a past live memory.

Facilitator: ANGELA BURKE

PH: 0044 7968341304


eMail: chakrarhythms@yahoo.co.uk

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Chelation Hands on Healing
Please contact me directly for the next workshop date

Chelation Hands on Healing is bringing healing energy up the body and balancing the energy of the brain.

All classes start at 10am and finish at 4pm depending on number of attendees.
Book your place now by phone: 07968 341 304
By eMail: chakrarhythms@yahoo.co.uk
Or use our online Booking facility:



ChakraRhythmsLogo phone“Who Are You?”

“Unlock the secrets of your past”

Join me for a day of regression, exploring this fascinating work using your breath to help release blocked energy from your life. In doing so helping you move forward into a new space. The morning session will be breath and the afternoon session will be done using energy or art to help release and express what is needed.