Certificate in Healing

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Procedure for becoming a trained Healer with us:

1. Fill out the application form and return with registration fee to be accepted as a Trainee Member of Chakra Rhythms

2. You need to complete 200 hours of your own personal healing sessions. This is to develop yourself and to clear any blockages you may have or inherited blockages from your family history. This can be completed with our workshops combined with personal one to one sessions.

4. Training in simple Hands on Healing treatment will teach you how to work with the public.

5. You will need 200 hours supervision on this Hands on Healing, these hours can be made up at our monthly public healing clinic. Cost by donation and the monies collected is given to a nominated Charity. This Clinic is an opportunity for your family and friends to experience and benefit from Energy Healing and provides you with feedback and guidance on your personal progress. You will be surprised at how effective this healing treatment really is.

When you have completed all of the above and passed the qualifying examination, you will be registered as a full time qualified Healer.

The training is usually completed within two years, however it can be extended up to four years depending on your personal progress and circumstances.

Your qualification can be recognised by the following bodies.:

Chakra Rhythms

Please contact us for further information

Contact Angela on  07968 341 304(R.O.I 0044)



Application Form
Application Form
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